The Normand Family of Louisiana

Mark Joseph Normand,


The Normand Family of Louisiana.

Volume 1. The History From Normandy

to Avoyelles.


Volume One, The History from Normandy to Avoyelles, commemorates the 300th anniversary of Louisiana pioneer Jean-Gaspard Normand, who was born June 24, 1712, in Quebec, New France (Canada). It is an encyclopedia of information about the Normand diaspora from France to Canada and thence to Louisiana. It re-creates the historical setting for each of the family forefathers. We learn what motivated Gervais Le Normand (1597-1665) to pull up roots in Igé, France and plant them in Quebec, New France; of the family trials of Jean Le Normand (1637-1706) whose life ends mysteriously when his body is found trampled and bloody in a field of peas; the adventures of Charles Le Normand (1663-1715), the successful coureur de bois, roofer, and litigator in Quebec; the zigzag itinerary of Jean-Gaspard Normand (1712-1788) from Quebec to Montreal down to the American colonies at Fort Duquesne, back the Montreal, and finally to Louisiana; and Jean-Pierre Normand (1742-1824) who built a successful plantation and portage on the Red River, and began the great Normand family of Avoyelles, Louisiana.

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