The Normand Family of Louisiana. Volume 2

Mark Joseph Normand

The Normand Family of Louisiana.

Volume 2. Aux Avoyelles dans Rivière Rouge.

We are happy to announce that The NORMAND Family of Louisiana, Volume 2: Aux Avoyelles dans Rivière Rouge,” has been completed. Written in the same unique, animated style as Volume 1, “The History from Normandy to Avoyelles,” this 566-page volume is loaded with fascinating stories about the lives and times of our Normand ancestors. We revisit Pierre Normand (1774-1844) and Laurent Normand (1780-1842), and their descendants, in the old town of Marksville and the surrounding areas of Bluetown, Par en Haut, and Prairie Bono on the Red River; Cocoville, Cotes des Gremillion, Grande Cotes, and Petite Cotes on the Avoyelles Prairie; and the communities along Bayou Des Glaises, Bayou Rouge, and Lake Pearl. From Brouillette to Plaucheville, and from Bunkie to Simmesport, the Normand family married into the Bordelon, Gremillion, Couvillion, Coco, DeCuir, Gaspard, Rabalais, Laborde, Joffrion, Lacour, Roy, Ducote, Gauthier, Dauzat, Riche, Mayeux, and many, many more established families of Avoyelles Parish. Besides the thousands of contemporary Normand genealogies, volume 2 includes over 600 great old photos and illustrations. It catalogues nearly 7,500 individuals that have ties to the Avoyelles clan. If you want to see which branch of the NORMAND TREE you belong, or just curious about how you might be related to the Normand living down the street, it’s all in Normand, volume 2! The book also features a full-page color Louisiana Normand Coat of Arms. It will be a memorable gift and heirloom that will be treasured for the rest of your life and beyond.

I want to thank everyone who contributed their family information and for the great old photos that fill this book. This was surely a family effort, and you will not be disappointed!

Mark J. Normand

The cost of the book is $64.35, plus $4.50 shipping. PAYPAL payments are accepted. If you have any question, contact the author, Mark J. Normand by email: